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Do you shop on Amazon? Raise money for Fireside Elementary by shopping on through our special link! 
Big news! Fireside Elementary PTO is now an Amazon Associate! When you use the banner above or the links on this page to access Amazon, Fireside will receive between 4% and 15% of your purchase for all eligible items added to your cart. The more items purchased, the larger the percentage earned. No additional fees for our users and Amazon Prime benefits still apply.
Think of this page as your new front door to Amazon! There is no difference to you as a consumer – you’ll see all the same products at all the same prices. And don’t worry, Fireside never receives information about your identity, so it’s completely private. Please remember to use our links EVERY time you shop at Amazon! It couldn’t be easier to support Fireside!
Bookmark our link! You must use our Fireside link every time you visit Amazon’s website to ensure that your purchases earn money for Fireside.  Anyone in the world who uses can use this link. Share this link with all your family, friends and neighbors and remind them to bookmark our link.
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Fireside Elementary School PTO is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to
  • How do I know if I’m on the Fireside Amazon Associates webpage since the website looks just like the regular Amazon website? You will always be directed to the correct site by clicking on our provided link. To double check, you can look for our Associate ID number in the address bar which is firesidepto-20. Once you start searching, this ID number will no longer appear. 
  • What about Amazon Smile? The Amazon Associate program is different (and much more lucrative) than the Amazon Smiles program. The Amazon Smiles program contributes only 0.5% of your purchase, compared to Amazon Associates, where 4% to 15% of your purchase is earmarked for your Fireside PTO.
  • What does it cost me to shop at Amazon through this link? Nothing. The items you buy from Amazon are the SAME prices as when you go directly to their website.
  • Why is Amazon giving Fireside this money? When you click on our Fireside Amazon link, Amazon pays Fireside a referral fee. 
  • How much can Fireside Elementary earn as an Amazon Associates? Fireside can earn between 4-15% of the purchase price of your item. The actual percentage depends on what was bought and how many items are shipped each month. 
  • Who can use the link? Anyone!!! Pass it on to your friends, families, & neighbors. Every time they use the link to make their purchases, Fireside will earn referral dollars. Bookmark our link to your phone or computer
  • What’s the easiest way to find the Fireside link? We recommend bookmarking our link and/or adding a shortcut to your desktop and phone for easier usage in the future. Please ask if you would like help setting this up.
  • Can I use the Amazon App? Unfortunately, no. We suggest bookmarking our Fireside link to your phone and computer. Please ask if you would like help setting this up.  
  • Can anyone see what I’m ordering? How secure is this site? Amazon is very strict about maintaining buyer’s privacy & keeps your personal information confidential. We only see a list of what was purchased and how much was paid but never anything that could be traced to a particular buyer. 
  • How long after I click on the Fireside Amazon Associates’ link will I need to finish my shopping for our school to receive the referral fee? Amazon allows 24 hours once you click on the link and check out for Fireside to receive a percentage of your purchases. You must also fill your shopping cart AFTER you click on the Fireside Amazon link. When in doubt, clear your cart, then click on the link and refill your cart.
  • Will it work with my Amazon Prime Account? Yes. Just remember to start with Fireside’s Amazon link first before logging in and adding items to your shopping cart.
  • What if I am already participating with another school, can I do both? You can only use one affiliate link at a time. We suggest switching back and forth between your fundraising efforts. 
  • lf I forget to use our Fireside link, what can I do? If you find yourself shopping directly through Amazon, but have not checked out yet, you will need to start again using our referral link. To be sure Fireside receives credit for your order, we recommend emptying your cart, clicking on our specific link and begin filling your shopping cart again. If you have already checked out without using our link, Fireside will not receive any referral credit for your purchases.
  • Do my Kindle/ e-book or music download purchases qualify?  Yes! As long as you remember to start with our Fireside Referral link first before logging in and adding downloads.