2016 Talent Show

Thank you to all who came out to auditions for this year’s Talent Show! Because of our sheer size, it is impossible to accommodate all the performers on one night. We hope you understand and remind your child about the values of trying and not giving up! We couldn’t believe how much talent Fireside has and thank all of those who auditioned (it was amazing!!!)! Below is the list of students who will be performing (along with their act) on Wednesday, May 4th at 6:30pm.

Olivia M. (Piano “Dream Echos”)
Pepper H. (Piano “Sonatina”)
Misha/Emersyn (Singing)
Noelle/Madison (Singing)
Alex B. (Piano “Star Wars Medley”)
Reva G. (Piano)
Bella P. (Singing)
Shyla G. (Singing)
Reece M. (Magic)
Eva B. (Singing/Dancing)
Jack/Alan/Tyler (Comedy)
Romane/Dakota (Dance)
Madeline E. (Singing)
Anna/Lauren/Charlie/Phoenix/Haley/Jaden (Singing)
Bethany W. (Tap Dancing)
Sadie/Alexandra (Tap Dancing “Nicest Kids in Town”)
Shriya K. (Piano “Milky Way”)
Camden E. (Comedy)
Caden T. (Math)
Malaya/Sophia/Victoria (Gymnastics/Dance)
Nadia G. (Dance)
Alex M./Evon (Dance – Ballroom)
Alexa W. (Poem)
Aadarsh V. (Piano)
Aliya/Rebecca/Dominic (Acting/Dance)
Olivia K./Sloane S. (Singing/Dance)
Katerina A. (Singing)
Archana G. (Piano)
Emily L. (Violin)
Rilynn/Ava/Zoe (Gymnastics)
Hunter A. (Piano “Jack and the Beanstalk”)
Cruz Vining (dance)