STEM, which stands for Science-Technology-Engineering-Math, is a specials program at Fireside available to all grade levels on a weekly basis.

Thanks to your donations and Fireside’s Mini-Grants program, your Fireside PTO was able to purchase a 3D printer for use by all students during their STEM specials class. A note from Ms. Sutton on the importance and use of this new 3D printer:

“We will use the 3D printer throughout the year to supplement projects involving engineering, design, math, and digital media. Students will use it to design objects such as catapults, Newton’s cradles, pulleys, and much more as we learn about the many facets of STEM education and computer programming. Practice with 3D design on Tinkercad will teach 21st century learning skills and the 4Cs as students design objects in collaborative groups. Mastery of 3D design and computer programming will add a dynamic, physical design component to our STEM curriculum that will help students literally SEE the difference between lower-level and higher-level design applications and help inspire them to seek real-world applications in all learning aspects. This will prove to be a skill that extends far beyond the walls of my classroom and deep into our learning community, daily lives and activities.”

Thank you Fireside for enhancing our STEM program!


Proud Sponsor of Fireside’s STEM program